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Office Refurbishment

How To Make Sure Your Office Refurbishment Goes Smoothly

How To Make Sure Your Office Refurbishment Goes Smoothly. Companies spend a lot of time and money investing in people, and it is vital that you create a great environment for them to work in. Whether you’re moving offices, or just sprucing up the location you’ve been at for a while, getting it right can […]

Commercial Property Outlook 2017

Commercial Property (c) Can Stock theaikro

Construction and Commercial Property Outlook for 2017. Market analysis suggests that 2016 was a somewhat difficult year for the construction industry. According to a report by JLL and Glenigan, there was a 14% drop in overall activity in the sector, to £16.7bn for the year. A reduction in the number of new build developments, with […]


Basement Conversion Costs in London

Basement Excavation and Conversion London

What is the Cost of a Basement Construction in London? With the lack of suitably sized accommodation in London and planning requirements preventing extensions upwards or outwards, many homeowners have looked at the construction of basements to meet their needs. Basement Conversion Cost It is important to understand that no 2 basement excavation costs are […]

Underpinning and Additional Foundations

Underpinning Foundations – Strengthening the Foundations of an Existing Building

Underpinning Foundations of an Existing Building It goes without saying that good solid foundations are an essential part of any construction project. If you are constructing or renovating a building and find that the foundation is not strong or stable enough, the building structure has changed, or perhaps there has been some form of subsidence, […]


Historic Building Renovations in the UK

Historic Building Renovation in the UKHistoric Building Renovation in the UK (c)-Can-Stock-Photo--andrewroland

Historic Building Renovations Owning a unique property with a special place in the cultural landscape carries obvious appeal. It brings with it prestige and a certain cachet. But assuming responsibility for a historic or listed building can be an undertaking that is not for the faint-hearted. You are the custodian of a part of the […]