Key Principles for Basement Conversion

Key Principles for Basement Conversion

Key Principles for Basement Conversion

Abbeymead Building Ltd  have constructed a number of basement over the years both for commercial and residential properties.

The key Principles for Basement Conversion remain the same:

To construct the basement safely without risk to the occupants, work force, the building,  its surrounding property and the  local environment.

The basement should be designed and constructed  in such manner that it is fit for purpose intended and designed in accordance with BS 8102 :2009 code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

No two basement constructions are the same even if they are being carried out in the same street.

Local conditions can vary enormously and whilst one property  may have deep foundations another in the same street may not.

It is important that an Architect, Structural engineer and a Chartered Building Contractor are appointed at an early stage to advise.

Check list of items to consider when planning for basement construction works

  • Is planning permission required?Key Principles for Basement Conversion
  • Will Party wall notices need to be served
  • Determine if the project is notifiable under the CDM 2015 regulations
  • Existing Ground conditions and water table
  • Depth and location of existing services
  • Will existing services need to be diverted or relocated.
  • Depth and condition of existing foundations
  • Previous use of the building and site/area
  • Access and egress for the works
  • Facilities for the contractor
  • Vicinity of neighbouring property and services
  • Intended use for basement and space required
  • Existing internal load bearing wall and floor arrangement
  • Proposed internal load bearing floor and wall arrangement
  • Proposed access for the basement in permanent use
  • Is natural light available for basement
  • Services to the basement for ventilation, cavity drainage, foul drainage, power and water
  • Proposed waterproof and tanking system
  • Internal finishes and services


A correctly designed and fitted out basement can be a valuable asset to a property and can be constructed with minimal disturbance if the works are designed planned and executed correctly.


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