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Commercial Roof Refurbishment – Iconic London Office Building

We were tasked by the client to replace the roof coverings on the north wing of this classic building.

The original inverted roof had been in situ since the original refurbishment took place in the 1980’s and was approaching the end of its design life.

The building is live and operational, with up to 600 people in the building ,the roof refurbishment works had to be carefully co-ordinated to ensure that the high levels of safety were maintained.

It was decided during the early stages of the project to leave the existing roof covering in place and after careful preparation to overlay the existing base with a product from the Sika Decothane range for inverted roof systems which require NO hot works during the installation Process.

The existing roof had to be cleared of the existing paving and insulation system.

Traffic to the Crescent area located at the front of the building was suspended for two non-consecutive Saturday’s during the roof refurbishment work in order for Crane operations to be carried out without causing any major disruptions to the surrounding areas.

This enabled us to remove the existing roof materials and deliver the new insulation materials and paving once the first phase of roofing operations were completed.

At the end of the waterproofing works the roof was electronically leak tested prior to the roof insulation and finish paving being laid. The Sika Decothane waterproofing system comes with a 15 year guarantee.

The project was completed within a five week window which has allowed the employees and visitors to enjoy the remainder of the summer with their new roof terrace.

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