Bespoke spa and gym

Abbeymead Building ltd, A Chartered Building Company( CBC) ,were contracted to carry out the refurbishment  of a grade 1 listed property

Part of the works involved forming a bespoke bath within the Spar area of the property

Due to its size the Tap and water outlets, for the plunge pool  had to be especially manufactured the suit the bespoke requirements.

The waterfall outlet was manufactured using a standard Dorn Bracht waterfall bath spout which was disassembled and extended from 150mm to 450mm in length

The waterfall outlet is controlled with standard Dorn Bracht controls

The water outlet was also tailor made for the project.

The outlet is controlled by a 24 volt solenoid valve which is located externally to the spar.

As the water is drained away the vortex caused creates an interesting shadow  on the Kerlite porcelain claddinghttp://www.kerlite.it/en/kerlite/

The Kerlite was cut from 3000mm x 1000mm sheets using specialist equipment  supplied by Sigma


The Kerlite is adhered to the pools structure using Mapei Keraflex adhesive  whilst the pool structure is tanked with Mapei smart tanking System. Mapei tested the Kerlite to ensure it was compatible with its products before works began.

Abbeymead Undergo training with Mapei to ensure our that the products are applied in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Abbeymead designed the pool and had the loading’s checked by a structural engineer.  To ensure that there was no movement within the pool structure.