Basement excavations

Basement excavation is increasing becoming Viable in both the commercial and residential property markets.

Consideration should be given to use  of the structure and achieving the appropriate environmental  Grade as detailed in BS 8102: 2009.  Heating ,ventilation and Air conditioning may be required and should be designed in at an early stage.

Abbeymead Building Ltd have experience in Both cementitous waterproofing systems and cavity drain systems. We have also installed a combination of both system in one property to suit the site conditions

The basement excavation will most likely require planning permission  and will require structural engineers details of how the existing structure is the be supported both during the construction phase and in the permanent condition.

The basement excavation work will also normally require the services of a Party wall surveyor  at an early stage if the basement is to be excavated beneath the level of the existing foundation. The works must be inspect by Building control and your basement design will need to comply with Building regulations with regards to means of escape  and fire safety. You may need to upgrade other parts of hthe property to achieve this.

The latest edition of the CDM regulations requires that Homeowners and developers properly satisfy their duty in appointing a competent contractor to carry out their works.

Abbeymead Building Ltd are Members of ROSPA  CHSG and have NEBOSH Trained staff to advise on Health and Safety matters. In addition site personnel and management  are Trained as Temporary works co-ordinators and site management Health and safety certificates.

Abbeymead Building can provide all of the above services and act as principle contractor on your project.

We can undertake  all of the structural alterations, basement excavations ,and fully fit out your basement project as one company giving you peace of mind.